Cost of COVID -19 Crisis


Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many of the community counseling service (CCS) agencies are not conducting regular face to face meetings. In fact, many community counselors have been instructed not to conduct face to face meetings. Some counselors feel this change in policy is a politically motivated move. However, this policy might be a sign of something much more significant: The COVID-19 pandemics are spreading and the government and its agencies are concerned that the disease will spread in communities and become even more widespread.

The Community Counseling Services (CCS) has been providing services with telecare since 1992. Telecare is a process of taking a person's telephone and making sure they receive the appropriate assistance for their specific needs when they call the Counseling services for help. Because the CCS does not have the staff and resources to meet the demands of the CoVID-19 pandemic the counseling agencies are encouraging people to use telecare services. View here for more.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, several counseling agencies have had to make some major changes to their telecare procedures. A number of counselors have had to stop offering counseling services through their phone lines and instead, they have been working with counselors who have a computerized PBX system which is connected to a telephone center in a central office. It has been found that when counselors can no longer physically meet a client face to face the counselor will often times make an appointment for the client to meet with another counselor who is a virtual member of the counseling agency. This allows the counseling agency to provide the same services to their clients while meeting the changing needs of the client and their community.

While the cost of telecare services may seem excessive, it is important to remember that there is very little money to be spent on technology itself. The counselors are just using their phone systems and PBX systems to give the community a voice. They have no other resources other than the phone system and their counselors' skills.

The cost of the COVID-19 crisis is so high that many of the most expensive counselors are being asked by the agencies not to provide any counseling at all. This is due to their own lack of resources and ability to handle the changing demand of the community. The CCS cannot afford to lose the service from their clients and they will likely be asked to pay more to have the counselor who can still help. on a per-hour basis rather than the full-time basis.

The cost of the COVID-19 crisis is a double-edged sword as well. While it is very expensive for the CCS, the community is paying for the services and the government is also paying for the crisis. When the crisis is over the community will not only be saving money but will be providing a better mental health system. A stronger mental health system means a less likelihood of suicide and mental illness. The cost savings will be paid back to the community through reduced insurance premiums and increased tax revenues. Click here for more.

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